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China Glaze "United in Purpose" Breast Cancer Awareness Collection 2012 (skittle swatches)

Firstly, let me just praise all those who do collection swatches/dupe posts because I had no idea how hard/time-consuming it was! Secondly, I didn't have a whole lotta time today so I couldn't do full manicure swatches. Hopefully this helps as just a guide until some of the more popular bloggers do collection swatches.

United in Purpose is a 12 piece collection and I purchased 9 - the shades I passed on were Angel's Breath, Pearls of Wisdom and Dare to be Bare.
L-R: Always A Lady; Hopeful; Faith; Exquisite

L-R: Hello Gorgeous!; United; Heart of the Matter; Live, Love, Laugh; Beauty Within
 Swatches after the break

First up is the lighter colours. All of these are 2 coats, with 1 coat top coat (Essie Good to Go).
Exquisite (index finger): A mid-tone pink with silver shimmer. 
Faith (middle finger): a sheer, milky pale pink. creme The sheerest of them all, you can still see obvious nail.
Hopeful (ring finger): an opaque white-pink creme.
Always a Lady (pinkie finger): opaque, 'warmer' pink. Full swatches here.
L-R: Exquisite, Faith, Hopeful, Always a Lady  -  direct sunlight

direct sunlight
slightly cloudy
 As I mentioned above, I didn't have a whole lot of time to get these swatches done. However, I had a quick look through my nail polish stash (it's a little unorganised at the moment so I did what I could) and tried to find similar colours. Please note that these aren't intended to be "dupes"because I could only do bottle comparisons, not nail comparisons. But I did this to hopefully give you an idea of similar shades.

I was almost certain Pink-ing of You by OPI would be a dupe for always a lady, but alas, it was nothing like it.

Edit: Just a head's up, I recently picked up OPI's Princesses Rule! in a mini set and it looked quite similar in the bottle to Exquisite.
Comparison: Exquisite / OPI Pink-ing of You / Always a Lady

Next up is Faith. Just a note - whilst these Essie colours are quite similar in the bottle, please note that Faith is the sheerest of my swatches, whilst some of these Essie shades come out quite opaque.

L-R: Essie Miss Matched / Essie Fiji / Faith / Essie Ballet Slippers

L-R: Essie Spaghetti Strap / Always a Lady / Essie Like to Be Bad
L-R: Essie Guchi Muchi Puchi / Hopeful / Essie Better Together / Essie Mademoiselle
Next up is the glitters and brights.
Hello Gorgeous (thumb): light pink glitter with strong holographic glitter
Heart of the Matter (index finger): deeper, reddened pink
Live, Love, Laugh (middle finger): coral pink - very strong orange tones
Beauty Within (ring finger): bright pink - not quite neon but very bright none-the-less
United (pinkie finger): pink glitter - slightly darker, slightly less holographic then Hello Gorgeous

direct sunlight
very cloudy
direct sunlight
Beauty Within is probably the most easily "dupable" or at least comparable of the brights. I found that in the bottle, Essie's Lights came very close. I haven't worn Lights though, so I can't say how close they are on the nail.

Orly Beach Cruise-r / Beauty Within / Essie Lights

I compared Live, Love, Laugh twice.

China Glaze Wicked Style / Live, Love, Laugh

Revlon Raspberry Rapture / Live, Love, Laugh / Essie Watermelon
I couldn't find anything in my collection to compare with Heart of the Matter (though I'm still sure that this has to be easily dupable), or with the two glitters. Let me know if you can think of a dupe for any of these colours and if I have the colour I'll make sure to compare them. Also, let me know if I need the other colours from the collection :)

My picks from the collection are Live, Love, Laugh, Hello Gorgeous and Exquisite.

Once again I apologise for the condition of my nails! (this has become a bit of a recurring problem, oops!)

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